Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Media Advisory: Press tour of Hutto scheduled for April 22, 2008

T. Don Hutto Family Facility tour: Media pool information and agreements

TAYLOR, Texas — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will host two media tours of the T. Don Hutto Family Residential Center on Tuesday, April 22 at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. A media pool arrangement has been established for video, audio and still photography.

Three media agencies have agreed to serve as pool organizations. The pool tour starts at 9 a.m. Both tours will show various areas of the facility including: a residential dorm, the dining facility, a classroom, the medical unit, the intake area, at the outside recreational area. In order to protect their privacy, media representatives will not record or publish any recognizable faces of any facility residents. The tour will be led by ICE's Acting Director for Detention and Removal Operations Gary Mead in a "walk-and-talk" format.

Since Hutto is a family facility, a pool media arrangement works best to minimize impact on the residents. Mr. Mead will provide a brief introduction to the facility. After the tour, a question-and-answer session with Mr. Mead will be open to all visiting media, including recording devices. One-on-one interviews may also be available on a case-by-case basis, time permitting.

Following are the media pool requirements which all participating media must agree to:

-By participating in this tour, pool media representatives agree to share their pool products of the tour to any requesting media organization without charge, except for tape stock costs;
-Likewise, non-pool media agree to refrain from making any recordings of the tour;
-Due to space limitations, only one person from each media organization may be able to participate in the tour, except for the pool media;
-Hutto residents will be present during the tour. Media representatives will not record or publish any recognizable faces of any facility residents;
-Only pool media will be allowed to take on the tour any recording devices, such as video cameras, still cameras or audio recorders;
-Pool media will not perform any "stand-ups" during the tour.
-Participation in this tour is by invitation only. Any other people or groups who appear for the tour will be turned away.

Below is the contact information for the pool news teams:

KSAT-TV, ABC, San Antonio (Television POOL)

Reporter: Jesse Degallado, 210-351-1310;

Videographer: Todd Stricker

Plan to distribute video: Booking a 30-minute satellite window available to all stations.

Associated Press (Print POOL)

Reporter: Anabelle Garay;

Photographer: Mat Otero; (972) 998-7712

Supervisor: Ron Heflin, Dallas (972) 991-2100

Plan to distribute photos: usual associated press access

KUT- National Public Radio (Radio POOL)

Reporter: Emily Diaz, 5102-471-1631.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact ICE PAO Nina Pruneda, 210-889-5204.