Monday, March 3, 2008

Bring Hutto to the Texas primary caucuses

Following this Tuesday's primary elections in Texas, there will be a caucus where you have the opportunity to shape the party platforms. We can use this opportunity to raise the issue of immigrant children and their families detained at the T. Don Hutto detention center. After the polls close, people will gather at their respective precincts for caucuses. The Democrats will start caucusing at 7:15, the Republicans at 8:00pm. Anyone who attends the caucus can introduce resolutions and platform issues.

The Democratic precinct chairperson in every Williamson County, Travis County, and Bexar County precinct should have a resolution titled "alternatives to detention of immigrant and asylum-seeking children" or "close Hutto" in their precinct packets. You can also bring the attached resolution to the caucus. If you live in another county, you'll have to print the resolution and bring it to your precinct caucus location. During the caucus there will be a time to discuss and vote on the resolutions after the presidential vote has taken place. You may have to mention that you would like to discuss the children detention/Hutto resolution.

More on the process is available from the Texas Observer, Grits for Breakfast and Burnt Orange Report. Here is a sample page of resolutions for the Democratic caucuses that can be easily adjusted for the Republican caucuses by changing the party name. If your precinct passes the resolution, please contact BobLibal[at] to keep a running tally.