Wednesday, February 6, 2008

America's Family Prison to air on local PBS station

An abridged version of the short film "Hutto: America's Family Prison" be airing on TV tomorrow night in Austin. It'll be on the KLRU show Docubloggers at 7:30pm. That's PBS-KLRU, channel 18 or channel 9 if you have cable.

Great opportunity to have your own screening! Get some popcorn, invite some friends, and watch this revealing new short film together.

From the Austin Statesman interview with one of the filmmakers:

Filmmakers Lily Keber and Matt Gossage teamed up to make a documentary after hearing about the facility, and being frustrated by a lack of media attention on the facility, Keber said.

The two started work on the project over the summer, eventually interviewing community activists and families who lived at T. Don Hutto. Part of the film includes an interview with a woman who was pregnant while she was held in the facility. The woman describes how she tried to sneak blankets into her room because she and her children were cold.

Keber said she hopes the film will educate people on what’s happening at the facility as well as nationally with immigration policy.

“Immigrant detention is not something most people are aware of…,” she said. “But, it’s a very topical issue.”