Saturday, June 13, 2009

Diana Claitor: "We need to show the world we don't approve"

Diana Claitor of the Texas Jail Project, posting at The Rag Blog, calls on Austinites "to take every chance to show the feds and the world that we don’t approve, that we are not okay with refugee mamas and their babies and kids being incarcerated in a prison camp while their cases are decided."

She continues: " basic truth applies: it’s just not right. More humane and less-costly alternatives exist that keep families together and out of prison-like detention centers. A study by the Vera Institute found that more than 90% of immigrants on a supervised release program attended their immigration hearings. The average cost of a supervision program is $12 a day compared to reportedly over $200 a day to detain a person at Hutto."

Now's the time, Texans! Join us next week and show the world the US is better than family detention. Details above...