Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Press Coverage of June 20 World Refugee Day Vigil

Thanks to all who turned out last Saturday! Here's a rundown of the press coverage...

The Williamson County Sun carried an article on the protest (see above).

Protestors ask President to shut down T. Don Hutto Russell Wilde, News 8 Austin.

The demonstraters called for the president to shut down the detention center, where refugees, including children, are held. "Immigration has a lot of challenges to it. I think we all realize there are situations we need to confront, but that these people, particularly the children, shouldn't be bearing the brunt of that," [St. Andrew's Presbyterian church minister Jim] Rigby said.

Immigration officials said the center allows them to enforce the law while allowing families to stay together.

Protesters said the people being held in the center are refugees and should not be held in a former prison.

"A message to our president to free the children. It's a message to our president to do it now," Johnson-Castro said. "That's a change we can believe in. It's a change we need."
Texans March Against Hutto Family Detention Center on World Refugee Day, MediaHacker via YouTube.

Three videos, Social Justice TV via YouTube. **Newly added** 2 videos on the vigil, by CECLEF. AND 2 videos from closehuttodown.

Houston Indymedia has a video and and photo coverage, which you can also read at the Houston Students for a Democratic Society blog.

Thank y'all, and keep sending things my way!