Saturday, August 22, 2009

Houston Solidarity with Aug. 22 Rally; Aug. 29 Rally in Houston Announced

Estimados companeros en la lucha y Human Rights Advocates:

The "Free-the-Kids Hutto-Houston Colectiva" fully supports ongoing efforts to CLOSE THE INFAMOUS T.DON HUTTO "FAMILY PRISON," in Taylor, Texas.

And we call for both "CELEBRACION Y MAS ACCION" regarding a key victory in the struggle for immigrants rights and for protecting democratic rights in the United States.

Even though few, if any, Hutto-Houston Colectiva advocates can get to the Aug 22nd Vigil and Rally in Taylor, Texas, please know that we are doing our part in mobilizing Houston rights' advocates and youth for the:

What: Aug 29th "Celebration & Mobilization" Rally
Where: at James Driver Park (basketball court), at 10918 and 1/2 Bentley St., in northeast Houston, (near Hwy 59, Eastex, and Little York Rd)
When: Saturday, Aug 29, 2009; 4:30 pm -6:30 pm.

The Hutto-Houston Colectiva, in collaboration with La Raza Justice Movement and other organizations invites you to join us at the Aug 29th celebration/mobilization rally. Bring your banners, energy, musica & ideas.

Colectiva's participant groups and organizers are committed to the goal of CLOSING
DOWN the T.DON HUTTO "MOMMY" prison and to push for fair IMMIGRATION

We are also calling for a moratorium on family detentions, a halt to deportations, no border wall, and for the American people to STOP 287(g) which is re-channeling federal funds into the financing of local jail, county and state prison facilities through "racial profiling" and through the prosecution and jailing of immigrant workers for small infractions.

For more info on the Aug 29th rally call:
Hutto-Houston Colectiva at: 832 244 7506;
La Raza Justice Movement at: 281-733-8463