Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raymondville and Hutto walks. Oct 26-30

If you can, please join us for the Texas Super Weekend.

Grass roots from the Valley, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, from
other parts of the State, including the nucleus of Williamson county
residents will be taking part in these two walks.

Raymondville Walk II and Hutto Walk III. October 26-27 and
October 28-30 respectively. Please feel free to share this invitation
with others.

It will take "we the people" to cause a chain reaction of moral and
humane change in our state and country. There is no moral leadership at
the "top". And the moral bankruptcy is manifest all the way down the
political heap to the local county commissions. Moral leadership must
come from the grassroots and work its way up. It will take our
individual and collective passion and reasoning to infuse courage into
the elected officials to do the right thing.

Thanks to MapQuest...below are detailed and precise directions for
Raymondville Walk II and Hutto Walk III.

Click here for MapQuest directions for Raymondville, or here for Taylor.

If you plan on walking any significant distance, please seriously
consider wearing a good broad brimmed hat, comfortable walking or
athletic shoes, and plenty of fluids. We will have a support vehicle

For Raymondville:

October 26. 9:00am (Friday)
Press Conference at Harlingen Travel Center at 9:00am
9:30am Start Raymondville Walk II
Start address: 2021 W Harrison Ave Harlingen, TX 78552

1. Head west on W Harrison Ave toward US-77 N - 138 ft
2. Turn right at US-77 N - 0.1 mi
3. Take the ramp on the left onto US-77 N - 15.6 mi
Arrive at: Expressway 77 N/US-77 at FM-498

October 27. 10:00am (Saturday)
1. Start at Expressway 77 N/US-77 from FM-498 - 4.8 mi
2. Turn left at FM-3168 - 0.5 mi
3. Arrive at: Raymondville Internment-Concentration Camp for Noon Vigil.
that can carry the beverages and hopefully another vehicle that can
shuttle folks when necessary.

For Taylor (Hutto walk):
October 28. Noon (Sunday)
Press Conference at Hutto Prison Camp at Noon
1:00pm Start Hutto Walk III
Start address: 1001 Welch Taylor, TX 76574

1. Head east on Welch toward Howard St
2. Turn left at W Oak St
3. Head east on W Oak St toward TX-95
4. Turn left at TX-95
5. Arrive at: TX-29
October 29. 9:00am (Monday)
1. Head west on TX-29 toward CR-337 - 12.9 mi
2. Arrive at: Georgetown Inner Loop and TX-29

October 30. 8:00am (Tuesday)
1. Head south on Georgetown Inner Loop toward Stonehedge Blvd - 2.0 mi
2.Arrive at: 301SE Inner Loop Georgetown, TX 78626
Williamson County Annex and Williamson County Commissioners Court...9:30

Participating organizations:
Coalition in Defense of the Community (Houston)
Pax Christi (Brownsville)
Grass Roots Leadership (Texas)
LULAC (National-Regional-Local)
Cesar Chavez March for Justice (National)
Dallas Peace Center (Dallas)
MADRES (Texas)
Freedom Ambassadors (National-state-local)
Veterans for Peace (Rio Grande Valley)
ARISE (Rio Grande Valley)
CASA (Rio Grande Valley)
CAIR (Dallas)
CAFHTA (Dallas)
Williamson County T. Don Hutto Opposition Group
East Williamson County Democratic Party Club
Communications of America, National Rep. Currie Hallford
Ralph Isenberg