Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Williamson Co. Commissioners to vote on terminating CCA contract

Word has just come out that the Williamson County Commissioners are to recommend terminating the contract between the county and CCA.

What this means for the T Don Hutto and the people held inside is unsure, but this is an exciting first step.

KLBJ reports:

Williamson County will be ending its involvement in running an immigrant detention center in Taylor. This morning, the Williamson County Judge and Commissioners voted to terminate the county’s contract with Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), effective a year from today. Subsequently, the county’s contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), effective a year from today, October 2, 2008.

The American Statesmen adds:

Saying that the facility has become a liability for the county, commissioners voted to give notice to CCA that the county will end the contract within one year, effective today.

The county's contract with CCA, in which the county receives a fee for each person housed at the facility, had previously been set to expire Jan. 31, 2009.