Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Updates on termination of CCA contract

Today the San Antonio Statesman reports:

..In a meeting Tuesday, county commissioners instructed their lawyer to draw up letters to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and CCA to inform them that the county plans to end the contract in one year.

County commissioners will make the departure official when they vote to approve the contract-termination letter next week.

Commissioners were not available for comment Tuesday, but in a statement, they indicated their motive was business, not politics.

"This action is not about immigration, it is about the county's potential liability as the administrator of this contract for a facility that we do not own or operate," County Judge Dan Gattis said in the statement.

County leaders will also seek to hold CCA responsible for reimbursing the county for potential legal fees it may incur in future lawsuits against the detention center. They also asked that the sheriff dispatch a deputy to act as a monitor inside the prison, at CCA's expense.

While this is definitely reason to celebrate, what exactly is going to happen to Hutto and those inside is not yet clear. It does not sound like it will close, though there's been no public discussion on who will be running it.

The County Commission will vote on the termination letter next Tuesday, October 9, at their 9:30am meeting. All are encouraged to attend to show support for ending the CCA contract.